Jurassic World Exhibition

There is something lurking amongst the bushes at Carlton Gardens, stalking the possums through the shrubs and terrorising the locals…

Don’t be surprised if you see a T-rex on a tram or a raptor crossing the road. Jurassic World are in town! And they are taking over the touring hall at the Melbourne Museum until the end of October.

In a world premiere during the exhibition created in collaboration with paleontologist Jack Horner you are taken on an interactive journey as a VIP guest through a series of paddocks and laboratories showcasing the brand new park.

However not all goes according to plan…

The Exhibition

It starts with all guests being corralled into a shipping container on board a Masrani Global cruise liner on course for the Jurassic island of Isla Nubla off the west coast of Costa Rica.

You are are then introduced to your interactive neckerchiefed guide, whilst she briefs you on your imminent arrival through a Disney smile.

Jurassic world Exhibition
In the park you are immediately greeted by a ceremonious swoop from the elongated neck of a Brachiosaurus who inquisitively lingers over patrons as they pass.

Not the most impressive of the bunch but immediately sets the tone with her size and craftsmanship even if the rest of her body is missing.

You are enticed past a placid Parasaurolophus cowering in the undergrowth by loud earthy groans from the next chamber.

A Pachyrinosaurus infant is pining after its mothers attention with affectionate nudges to the leg. It is a touching maternal scene before the carnage ahead.

The two laboratories that you pass through serve as the album tracks of the exhibition bidding to bolster out the already short spectacle. However nearly everything is a touch screen and glowing dino embryos and wall of amber catches your attention for a glimpse.

Jurassic World Exhibition

The T-Rex is the old dog that hasn’t learnt any new tricks and that’s how we like her. She’s back to crushing (well prodding) cars. With her familiar shrieks of wrath she parades up her catwalk style paddock almost as though expecting an audience…

The climax of the exhibition is the showdown between a sixth sensed Indominus-rex and the pea brained Stegosaurs. The first time we see two fully animated dinosaurs in one pen and the drama escalates quickly. An impressive duel and fitting end to the tour.

Jurassic World Exhibition

Yes, the exhibition is rough around the edges with camo netting and faux foliage failing to conceal the ridged modernity of the building beneath, but this doesn’t matter. It’s not like you go to see the film for its gritty narrative or complex characters.

Pixels Jurassic World dinosaurs triumph at enthralling their audiences not just by their vast size or exaggerated thrusts but with the delicate primal nuance of their movements, subtle breathing, canny twitches and curious eye contact.

An intriguing mixture of marginal fact and fairy tale fantasy this interactive exhibition engages audiences from the young to the prehistoric.

Jurassic Nights

Everything is better with the lights off, isn’t it? Especially with a drink in your hand and after a few even a stegosaurus looks attractive! Join guest DJ Jess McGuire every Friday from 6pm for music, drinks and dinos in the dark!

When: 19th March – October 19th

Where: Touring Hall, Melbourne Museum

How Much: Peak, Adult $34 concession $30 / Non Peak Adult $30 concession $26

Website – www.museumvictoria.com.au/jurassic-world-the-exhibition/

A splendid story by Jack Hendy