Martin Scorsese

5 Reasons to see Martin Scorsese

Where: ACMI, Federation square, Melbourne

When: 26th May – 18th September 

Cost: $25 Full / $18 Concession / $17 ACMI Member  

Melbourne loves its one offs and exclusives, well here’s another! ACMI are exhibiting one of the world’s critically acclaimed directors the godfather of film himself Martin Scorsese. The only place to see this extensive homage anywhere in Australasia.

This vast exhibition of the man and his films explores the inspiration production and legacy of what is a poignant repertoire of films, documentaries and stories. With rolling film reels, original props and interactive archives you can easily double the 90 minuet browsing guide time.

But why should you go and see it…

  1. 1 Fall in love:

  2. If like me you haven’t seen every single one of Scorsese’s works you will want to after this. Throughout the exhibition there are half a dozen projected loops of a handful of classic scenes. Scenes that even in a busy exhibition hall resonate with you personally and compel you to indulge until the credits roll. A full length Robert de Niro from Taxi driver stares through you in his apartment and asks you a question! Are you looking at him, damn right you are!
  1. 2 Fall in love again:

  1. The beauty of the exhibition is seeing that one scene you love and have yourself watched a hundred times. It’s a collective appreciation and unlike your living room or cinema chair you can openly join in. The timeless wedding scene from Goodfellas plays with an intoxicating mix of money and power Scorsese captures the whirlwind of Caron’s baptism into the criminal underworld.
  1. 3 Meet the man:

  2. During the initial part of the exhibition you get to see behind those thick rimmed glasses and take a step into Scorsese’s world. You understand how the exposure of his upbringing in New York’s little Italy and his relationship with his family cultivated a keen eye for the portrayal of lovable rouges and his attraction to the cities underworld.
  1. 4 Study the scribble:

  2. Scattered throughout the exhibition are chaotic worked, reworked, cut and collaged scripts and notes from many of Scorsese’s filmography. They bring a human touch to the genius of his craft with barley legible directions and connotations from the script of Raging Bull. A fascinating insight for both film buffs and the novice.
  1. 5 Other Work:

  2. As you descend into the lobby at the entrance of Scorsese one of his earliest pieces, a short film titled ‘The Big Shave’ is playing in all is gory glory. The chilling butchery of self-inflicted bloodshed shows Marty’s early interest in the use of violence to invoke a visceral reaction from the audience. We also see a feature long form advert for Freixenet Cava Champagne called the Key to Reserva which will have your feet firmly fixed until the very end.
A splendid story by Jack Hendy